We are the area's only Certified Lordex Lumbar Decompression Center

Lordex Program


Clinical studies show relief in 85-90% of patients with chronic and severe conditions

The Lordex® Decompression Therapy procedure provided by our clinics incorporates the Lordex Lumbar Spine System®. For over 25 years Lordex has been the leader in research and technology in the field of non-surgical spine care. Lordex set the standard...and we are proud to use the same.
What does Decompression do?
Lordex® Lumbar Decompression Therapy is a closed reduction decompression procedure designed to unload the micro components that produce pressure on sensitive nerve fibers. This gentle, safe and effective process focuses on specific lesions, discs or vertebrae diagnosed as the source of your pain.
Is this program for everyone?
Low back pain caused by fractures, tumors, infection or metabolic disease processes are not candidates for the program. Your clinician determines your course of treatment and whether you are a candidate. While some people have conditions that exceed the limits of any procedure available, the current literature suggests that 85-90% of patients with herniated intervertebral disc, degenerative joint disease, sciatica, facet syndrome and bulging discs completing the program reported good to excellent outcomes.
What is the typical cost for undergoing the procedure?
Lordex® Lumbar Decompression Therapy is covered under health insurance physical therapy benefits.