Serving the Tri County Area since 1999


"My neck pain and headaches have lessened and I have more lower body strength." "The staff is great."
Donna M., patient with neck pain and lower extremity weakness.

"I made alot of improvements and the staff is pleasant to work with and be around."
Leisa C., patient with knee replacement.

"I can't believe how much improvement I made from therapy and I am feeling great!"
David M., patient with neck pain and numbness.

"I have no pain, doing much better at home with household chores. All of the staff was great!"
Darlene B., patient with hip replacement.

"I am much more mobile and doing great!"
Mary M., patient with knee pain.

"I started with very little movement in my arm and progressed to doing everything I could prior to the break. I made great improvements!"
Patricia W., patent with right arm fracture.

"I can do more at home and walk better with less falls. They gave me home exercises to maintain my strength. The staff was great and they all help each other and give great advise."
Rebecca F., patient with low back pain and balance deficits.

"Before I started here I would have hip pain with walking and now I can run without any pain".
~Timothy C, patient with hip pain.

"The Dry Needling with stim that was performed on me gave wonderful results. I feel remarkable improvement already."
~Michael L, patient with low back pain.

"My treatment has allowed me to get back to work and move around better."
~Deotha C, patient with low back pain.

"I now have zero pain, full range of motion, and near pre-injury strength after I tore my quadriceps tendon. I am extremely thankful and impressed with the entire staff and program."
~David G, patient with patellar tendon repair.

"My range of motion is now much better than what I ever would have expected."
~Walter P, patient with total knee replacement.

"My care more than met my expectations, allowing me to return to my normal activities. It was a very solid program."
~Richard B, patient with total knee replacement and lumbar fusion.

"I now have very little to no pain in my normal daily activities. My range of motion and ability to walk due to therapy here has increased well beyond what I expected."
~James J, patient with bilateral total knee replacements.

"I feel just like new and I thought the program was very good."
Ted B., patient with left hip pain.

"The improvements I noticed with my father for at home is ease of transfer from bed to chair, from chair to car and from chair to the toilet.:
Ray M., caregiver of patient with overall weakness and difficulty walking.

"My foot has become flexible and able to rotate it again! My pain has reduced to a zero."
Norma S., patient with foot pain.

"My dizziness has improved and my neck pain is less."
Suzanne R., patient with neck pain and complaints of dizziness.

"Everyone at therapy is very friendly and I got stronger and pain decreased from therpy."
Anna D., pt. with knee pain.

"My pain level is down and the movement in my arm is much better."
Paul H., patient with shoulder pain.

"I have got much stronger since doing the physical therapy."
Joann K., pt. with low back pain and LE weakness.

"My pain has decreased and my mobility has improved with the therapy."
Debra H., patient with arm and shoulder pain.

"With the help of therapy my pain went from a 6 out of 10 to a zero!"
Michael W., patient with knee pain.

"My bicep pain has greatly improved. Everyone at Action works well together in assisting all patients. I would like to thank everyone for all the help in the progress I have made."
Cheryl B., patient with shoulder pain.

"I have no issues with my daily activities since completing therapy".
Joel G., patient with hip replacement.

"I made significant improvement in my strenght and balance. I appreciated the continued challenges!"
Michele M., patient with hip replacement.

"I have no pain and can do all my daily activities after completing therapy."
Nat M., patient with hip replacement.

"After completing therapy I feel good and have no problems!!"
Virginia L., patient with knee pain.

"I am having much less pain now and my knee feels much stronger. The staff was friendly and there was enough staff to give prompt care and attention."
Ed A, patient with total knee replacement

"I went from having pain to no pain. I have nothing but the highest praise for Action"
~Ray D, patient with knee pain

"First off, the staff here at Action are fantastic. They have an excellent attitude and listen and make sure that the patient/care provider understand what to do, what is happening and why they are doing each activity. They talk to you in standard English and do not try to impress you with technical terms that only they know. I am the 24/7 caregiver for my father. The Physical Therapist Assistants provide constructive/timely feedback making communication clear and consise in an open and non-threatening manner. These therapists are a positive role model in patient-therapist practice. Literally they are actually pleasant and fun to be with. They exhibit great personalities as well as professional qualities. The Action PTA's demonstrate very competent abilities. They develop excellent care plans based on assessment and LISTENING to the patient. They deliver services according to the PT's Plan of Care and constant supervision of PTA's. They are very cognizant of infection/contamination control. Beds are are wiped clean after every use and hands are constantly sanitized. Did I mention the mood music, it is excellent too!"
~Ray M,, son/caregiver of patient with debility

"The staff here was very professional and excellent to work with. My knee feels normal after my knee replacement."
~Leisa C, patient with total knee replacement

"My arm and shoulder move a lot better than the first two times around at the other therapy clinics that I've been to."
~Bret B, patient with rotator cuff surgery